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Palestinians to break US illusions: Majlis Speaker


Tehran, April 8, 2018(IRNA) – The Palestinian youths will shatter all the illusions of the US and the Saudis, said the speaker of Majlis (the Iranian Parliament) on Sunday.

'Regarding the region, the Saudis have recently made some remarks and taken some actions that are both saddening and illustrative at the same time,' said Ali Larijani at the beginning of the Majlis Sunday open session.

'The fact that the Saudis have announced that their actions in organizing the Takfiri terrorists groups and killing thousands of people have been guided by the US is an alarm for the world and the region; they have done evil deeds in the name of religion and philanthropy.' 

Larijani said, 'It is really sad that the Saudis grant a remarkable share of the Muslims' resources to the broker middlemen, but instead of thanking them, the US said that the Persian Gulf states will fall in two weeks if the US doesn't support them.'

He also raised the question: Can the people of Arabia stand the disdain to be addressed with such belittling phrases after their money has been poured into the pockets of the American politicians? 

Larijani added, 'The US, that had extorted hundreds of billions of dollars from the Saudis under different pretexts to keep its soldiers in Syria, has asked for tribute again.'

'Of course, [US President Donald] Trump's candor in the blackmailing further disclosed the frivolity of the foreign policy of the US,' he said.

He also said the US and some Arab states including the Saudis, are secretly attempting to disrupt the region in order to limit the Palestinians to the Gaza Strip and a corner of the West Bank and live happily ever after.

Referring to the Saudis' contemptible announcement and legitimizing the Zionist regime, he said the Saudis are interested both to bestow the money of their people to the US to serve the US and to shoulder the responsibility of the ominous project, but the Palestinian youth will shatter all of their illusions.

Commenting on the establishment of the UK's permanent military base in Bahrain, he said the advancements of the nations cannot be hindered with such threadbare methods. 


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