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'Larijani: US criminal assassination strengthens 'Resistance

Tehran, Jan 13, 2020 (ICANA) – President of the Islamic Parliament of Iran Ali Larijani said that the US criminal assassination of the IRGC Quds Commander Lieutenant General Qasem Soleimani resulted in empowering Resistance Front.

Larijani made the remarks on Monday in a meeting with Syrian Prime Minister Imad Khamis.

Iran-Syria ties have always been strategic, he said.

Americans' aim was to weaken Resistance Axis by assassinating General Soleimani, he noted.

Of course they made mistake because assassination turned out to be an important international issue and Trump regretted about it, Larijani stressed.

Referring to Iraqi Parliament's ratification of the plan to expel US forces from Iraq , Larijani said all these measures were considered as slaps in US face.

He called for developing regional and military cooperation among regional countries so as to prevent Zionists' atrocity.

Khamis, for his part, said Syrian government and people will stand by Iran in all challenging situations.

Syrian and all states with independent sovereignty believe that Iran has the right of self-defense against conspiracies and aggressions, he said. 

Referring to the important messages conveyed by Iran's opposite stance against war, he said it warned arrogant countries to finish the selfishness.

It has also a message for neighbors that Iran is a powerful country and is able to confront aggressions and conspiracies, Syrian PM said. 

Iran's confrontation showed that General Soleimani's martyrdom will reinforce Resistance and will make the nations more united to clean the region from terrorists and the US in particular, Khamis noted.



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