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Senior MP: Iran is victim of terrorism, extremism and in forefront of fighting terrorism

Tehran, March 25, 2021 (ICANA) - Chairman of National Security and Foreign Policy Commission of the Islamic Parliament of Iran Mojtaba Zolnouri said Islamic Republic of Iran is the victim of terrorism and extremism and at the forefront of fighting terrorism.

Addressing the 4th conference of countering terrorism and strengthening regional relations of the speakers of six countries held in Antalya, Zolnouri said terrorism, as the most important and fundamental security challenge in the world, must be given serious consideration in the 21st century.

This conference is a valuable opportunity for our countries to free ourselves from the vicious circle of unilateralism and preemptive action, and to bring about collective regional security based on facts, he added.

Since terrorism, as a multifaceted and multidimensional phenomenon, will be eradicated only through regional and international cooperation and assistance, Zolnouri noted.

Since terrorism is considered as one of the most serious and even dangerous threats against international peace and security; it is rejected and condemned in all its shapes by anyone, Iranian lawmaker reiterated.


Iran’s strategy against terrorism is not like some colonial countries that have become the cause of terrorist acts under the pretext of fighting terrorism, but Iran is after focusing on religion and invite all human beings to freedom-seeking and dignity, aiming to achieve a society full of peace, friendship, equality, justice, freedom, security and compliance with the Islamic and human values, and to save humanity from this predicament, Zolnouri said.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has always been exposed to the most severe economic terrorism and inhumane sanctions, including access to medicine and equipment for fighting coronavirus, he added.


Economic terrorism targets the ordinary citizens’ security, health, and welfare of with the aim of achieving political goals, and this is exactly what US sanctions are designed for, he stated.

The United States and some European countries define criteria for countering terrorism based on their illegitimate interests and political considerations.

The US hostile act in the assassinating Lieutenant General Qasem Soleimani and claiming its responsibility officially is just an example of the US terrorist acts that are taking place in the region.

Terrorism is not only an instrument for the US foreign policy, but also one of the pillars of this administration's foreign policy. Supporting the terrorist groups and even committing terrorist acts by the US administration, as well as labeling any country and that stands against the US aggression is one of their tricks to fulfill their illegitimate interests.

The instrumental and political view of terrorism not only does not solve this global problem, but also fuels it, he said urging the international community to use diplomatic and economic power, strengthening laws, political, legal and intelligence cooperation to fight this sinister phenomenon.


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