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Ratifying anti-terrorism financing bill benefits country

Tehran, June 10, 2018(IRNA) – Iran's accession to anti-terrorism financing convention (formally, the International Convention for the Suppression of the Financing of Terrorism) is to the benefit of the country, Deputy FM said.

bbas Araqchi referred to the bill as an international tool to fight terrorism, saying Iran is facing threats from two sides; first is international terrorism and second is Western countries' misuse of the terrorism concept.

They are aimed at targeting Axis of Resistance and freedom movements especially Resistance against the Zionist regime of Israel, Araqchi added. 

'We are facing two threats namely international terrorism and Takfiri terrorism which is now divided in four groups of Daesh, Al-Qaeda, Taliban and Al-Nusra Front,' he noted.

He referred to last year's Daesh attack on Majlis, saying 'We are a victim of terrorism.'

This terrorism is an international phenomenon which cannot be uprooted without international cooperation and joining international conventions.

'While we are fighting terrorism in Syria, there are some loopholes in our banking system which help terrorist groups and drug smugglers,' Araqchi reiterated.

He went on to say 'All our neighbors have joined this network of cooperation. Russia, Syria and Iraq also have joined this convention in order for us to be able to confront Daesh within the framework of international contribution.'

All security systems, Intelligence Ministry, IRGC intelligence unit, Supreme National Security Council and Ministry of Foreign Affairs have conducted expert work on the issue for over two years. The Supreme National Security Council has guaranteed that the country will face no threat in this case, he said.

Araqchi said that all loopholes or weak points in the convention will be investigated and removed.

'We are under pressures and other countries say that Iran is supporting terrorism since we have not joined the anti-terrorism financing convention,' Araqchi said.

This convention predicts withdrawal choice meaning that Iran will be able to leave it whenever it feels any threat, he added.

No power is able to question Iran's sovereignty, he reiterated. 


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