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MP terms establishing new Lebanese gov’t as only solution for current situation

Tehran, April 13, 2021 (ICANA) - Vice Chairman of Iran-Lebanon parliamentary friendship group said security, stability and integration of the Lebanese tribes in against challenges is possible by establishing the Lebanese government.

Iran confirms establishing new Lebanese government through integration and unity among Lebanese people and tribes, Abbas Golroo said in a meeting with Lebanese Ambassador to Tehran Hassan Abbas.

Referring to strategic position of Lebanon in the region, he said the importance of Lebanon's position in the West Middle East has become increasingly apparent as the role of the resistance in bringing the Zionist regime to its knees and thwarting US conspiracies and pressure.

The interaction between Iran and Lebanon in especially economic, trade and political fields will cause the two countries to grow in the region and be a strong barrier against the Israeli regime malignancy.

He also stressed the importance of developing parliamentary friendship groups between Iran and Lebanon.

Golroo underlined respecting sovereignty and independence of Lebanon among all Lebanese tribes.

The wisdom of the Lebanese leaders is the solution for overcoming the challenges, and Iran is fully prepared to assist Lebanon in this regard.

Meanwhile, Hassan Abbas appreciated Iran’s role in helping Lebanese people and government.

Iran, as a friendly country, has been a supporter of the Lebanese people and government, he added.

Lebanon stands with the political will and ability of the nation, the government and the Axis of Resistance against the occupying regime, and Iran, as a member of the Axis of Resistance, has stood side by side with the Lebanese nation and government against the Zionist regime's desperate and aggressive actions.

Iran’s full support for the nation, the government and the Axis of Resistance has strengthened the integration and unity of Lebanon against foreign aggression.



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