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MP: Iran always reiterates no intervention in internal affairs of Yemen

Tehran, April 26, 2021 (ICANA) - Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee of the Islamic Parliament of Iran Abbas Golroo called for urgent ending of war, blockade, expulsion of foreign forces and supporting intra-Yemeni talks, saying Iran has always stressed no intervention in internal affairs of Yemen.  

The full-scale war which was waged by the Saudis for about 6 years against the homeless people of Yemen under the support of US and some regional and trans-regional countries was in fact, a crime in Yemen known as the most heinous humanitarian crisis, Golroo said.

A crisis that left more than 20 million people in need of humanitarian assistance and suffering from cholera, famine and other issues, he added.

Iran has always emphasized the independence of Yemen and respecting its sovereignty, he said adding that Iran believes that the internal affairs of Yemen are related to the Yemenis and no country has the right to intervene.


Given the Saudi Arabia's targeted attacks on Yemen, especially against people gatherings and civilians, it was clear that the Saudis were seeking revenge on the Yemeni people because the Yemeni people did not want to be dominated by any country, including Saudi Arabia, he said.


As Yemen was under by Saudi Arabia siege on land, air and sea, Iran continued to send humanitarian aid to Yemen, but due to Saudi sabotage and malice, we could not send medical assistance to Yemen, Iranian lawmaker added.

Stressing the fact that Iran has always supported political processes and Geneva talks on Yemen, Golroo said Stockholm talks were also formed under Iran’s support, Yemeni Ansarullah acted wisely and always sought to resolve the crisis.

He reiterated that United Nations Special Envoy on Yemen Martin Griffiths’ visit to Iran showed Iran’s good-will for helping solve Yemeni crisis.

He called for an immediate cessation of hostilities in Yemen by Saudi, Emirati and internal mercenaries, lifting a complete land, sea and air blockade by Saudi Arabia and its allies, expelling foreign mercenaries fighting the Yemeni people in Yemen, and supporting internal talks between the Yemeni parties under the UN support.



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