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MP: UN, rights advocate close eye on Daesh crimes against Assyrians

Tehran, Oct. 17, 2017(IRNA) – Representative of Assyrians in Majlis (parliament) Younathan Betkolia said violent extremism , which is rooted in dangerous ideologies has turned to the most important threat against international peace and security.

He made the remarks in the 137th Inter-Parliamentary Union Meeting in Saint Petersburg, Russia, on Tuesday.

Betkolia pointed to role of parliaments in process of making decisions in the UN, and said that following the emergence of Daesh in Iraq and Syria, Assyrians received most fatal damages to their identity and thousands of years of history and were forced to leave their homeland.

Confrontation with the threats of Daesh needs participation and collaboration and interaction of all countries of the region as well as international players.

Assyrians were under oppression following the emergence of Daesh in Iraq and Syria, and experienced most fatal damages on their identity while the so-called democratic states, human rights organizations and the United Nations kept silence and closed their eyes on this human tragedy.

Betkolia added that desire of a number of countries to unilateralism and lack of respect for their commitments and duties written in international and legal documents for weapons of mass-destruction (WMD), terrorism, human rights, using dual standards in international relations and constant failure and lack of desire of developed states have created plenty of international challenges.

It is necessary that IPU in interaction and cooperation with the UN and other international and regional organizations participate in international decision making process in the bodies and plays its important role in eliminating international threats, access to a world peaceful and just order, guarantee respect for countries rights to take decision on their own political, economic and social systems, he added.

It is expected that the IPU by using its interactions with international legal bodies and by using its legal mechanism to do necessary actions in direction of confronting with unilateral and trans-territorial impose laws by some world powers, which has destructive consequences on aimed countries people.


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