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Iran parliament speaker: Terrorism turns into global threat

Istanbul, Nov 22, 2017(IRNA) – Iran's Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani said on Wednesday that the wicked phenomenon of terrorism and extremism has turned into a threat to global security, affecting many points in the world, including strategic regions in Asia.

Larijani made the remarks addressing the 10th plenary session of the Asian Parliamentary Assembly underway in Istanbul. 

'Although terrorism hurt both the development and dignity of Asia, today we are witnessing the complete defeat of Daesh…in Iraq and Syria,' the Iranian parliament speaker said. 

'The victory was accomplished although the US and certain countries spared no effort over the past years in both the formation of the group and supporting it.'

Larijani said that killing and injuring hundreds of innocent people as well as displacing millions of people in the countries like Syria, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan and Yemen as well as destroying their infrastructure were among the dangerous consequences of terrorism and extremism. 

Larijani asked for what the United States is creating so much trouble for the countries in this region. 

Referring to the US defeats in warmongering efforts in Afghanistan and Iraq, he said that the regional nations have learned how to deal with the US' evil plots. 


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