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Asian MPs welcome defeat of Daesh in Iraq, Syria

Istanbul, Nov. 24, 2017(IRNA) - Asian Parliamentary Assembly (APA) in its final declaration welcomed the defeat of Daesh (ISIS) terrorist group in Iraq and Syria.

'[APA] Welcomes the recent great achievements in defeating Daesh in collaboration with Iraqi and Syrian people,' read the document released on Thursday evening. 

The APA also called for dispatch of a UN fact-finding committee to Myanmar to probe violation of human rights in the country against Rohingya Muslims.

APA member states expressed concern about the humanitarian situation in certain Muslim regions and 'urged unimpeded delivery of humanitarian aid in Myanmar, Syria, Yemen and Iraq.'

According to Turkish Anadolu News Agency, the declaration 'emphasized the need to promote peace, stability and development in Asia through peaceful resolution of ongoing conflicts and mutually beneficial economic cooperation'.

The declaration said that APA member countries are 'concerned by the increasing tensions in parts of Asia, particularly the threat of terrorism, and the suffering of people affected by ongoing conflicts, especially displaced people, and further concerned by the dire situation of millions of women and young people in all war-torn areas'.

'Support for an independent sovereign and contiguous Palestine within 1967 borders with Al-Quds [Jerusalem] as its capital,' is also written in the declaration which 'condemns the illegal settlement activities, demolitions, and other violations of the occupation forces'.

The APA's 10th plenary session ended on Thursday with the adoption of Istanbul Declaration.

The event took place in Istanbul with delegations from parliaments of 42 APA members, including Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, North Korea, India, Indonesia, Iran, Pakistan, Palestine, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE.

Turkey took over the APA presidency from Cambodia and will be president for two years. Pakistan will take over as next APA president after Turkey. The next APA plenary session will be held in 2018 in Turkey. 


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