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Iran MP Demands IAEA Transparency on Canada Aid

Tehran, May. 10, 2017 (ICANA) - A member of Iranian parliament's Judicial and Legal Committee has called on the UN nuclear monitoring agency to shed light on a million-dollar donation by Canada to verify Iran's nuclear program.

"The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) must make it clear how the financial donation it has received from Canada affected its verification of Iran," Ali Bakhtiar said in an interview.


He was referring to a $10 million aid offered by Canada to the IAEA to verify the nature of Iran's nuclear activities.

"In order to manage the Agency, the General Assembly receives – as per the IAEA Statute – subscription sums. Therefore, receiving money from other countries outside the international regulations has no standing in the Statute and international customs," he added.

Bakhtiar said: "Member states of the IAEA General Assembly provide for the Agency's expenditures and in case the IAEA needed extra budget to verify Iran the member states would be required to provide it."

"Now we expect the Agency to announce how the $10 million it has received from Canada to verify Iran affected its inspections [of Iran's nuclear facilities]," he added.

He noted that payment of such sums was "skeptical".

Bakhtiar said certain countries are trying to cause new challenges to the Islamic Republic of Iran by paying such sums, calling on Iran's Foreign Ministry to follow up on the issue seriously so that the sum would be restituted to Canada.


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