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US efforts to bring stability to Israel through peace talks
The US sponsored peace talks is intended to bring stability to Israel and strengthen the shaky Zionist regime, Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani said on Saturday. "US administration tries to secure widespread consensus among international and regional powers on the Israeli-Palestinian issue and the peace talks is merely an excuse to soothe the atmosphere in a bid to pave the grounds for defending Israel under new conditions," Larijani said, addressing an international conference in Tehran dubbed as Quds, the First (Muslim) Qibla. Larijani underscored that Washington is seeking to create a stable condition for the Zionist regime through holding the so-called peace negotiations. He stressed that the US initiative is merely a move to defend and save the Israeli regime, otherwise Palestine and peace in the Middle-East is not that much important to Washington, he added Larijanis remarks came after head of the Palestinian Self-Ruled Authority Mahmoud Abbas accepted a US invitation for direct peace negotiations with Israel in Washington in September. Hamas and several other Islamic resistance groups slammed Abbas for his decision to attend direct talks with Israel, while Israel has not yet come to a final decision to cease settlement expansion in the Palestinian territories, mainly in east Quds (Jerusalem). The Head of democratically elected government of Palestine in Gaza said Palestinian negotiators are not mandated to surrender Jerusalem or any part of the Palestinian territories when Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas pledged to commit to direct peace talks with Israel. "No negotiator who would give up Jerusalem has a national mandate," Ismail Hanieh, the elected Prime Minister of Palestine, said on Thursday in a Ramadan fast-breaking reception with the families of Palestinian prisoners and the Palestinians killed by Israel. Hanieh also warned that Israel has failed "to break the Palestinian firm will and determination by carrying out dozens of large-scale military offensives, killings, arrests and many other different violences and is now trying to do so through direct negotiations" with the Palestinians.

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