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Top Adviser: US Pretending to Fight ISIL

TEHRAN, Spt. 9, 2014 (FNA)- Iranian Parliament Speakers top adviser for international affairs Hossein Sheikholeslam lashed out at the US for supporting the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant terrorist group, and said that Washingtons recent airstrikes on ISIL positions in Iraq was just a political show off.

"In dealing with the ISIL, the US acts in such a way that it can make the people of the world forget about Palestine which is number one issue of the Muslim world," Sheikholeslam told FNA on Tuesday.

He noted that there are no doubts that the ISIL is a US protégé, and said, "There is a lot of intel available in this regard."

The ISL has been made by the US and the Americans have even trained this terrorist group in Jordan and Turkey, he reminded.

Sheikholeslam pointed to the so-called US international coalition against the ISIL, and said it is just a showoff and Iran will not cooperate with the US on this issue.

He reiterated that the ISIL is the continuation of the Al-Qaeda and the United States so-called coalition is just propaganda.

Earlier today, Supreme Leaders senior advisor Ali Akbar Velayati also warned of the enemies plots to sow discord among the regional states, and said the ISIL has been created by the US and Israel to the same end.

"Today, we are witnessing the growth of extremism in certain parts of the Islamic world; the actions made by the extremists and the killing of the innocent Shiite and Sunni people by them raises hatred and disgust of real Muslims and the Islamic Ummah hates such brutalities," Velayati said, addressing the international conference of Muslim scholars in support of Palestine in Tehran.

He underlined that a precise look at the Israeli aggression against the Gaza Strip reveals that Americans and the Zionists are the main source of this extremism, and added, "Those who claim to be exercising Islam (the ISIL) did not fire even one bullet at Israel and when they were asked why, they answered that this is not their mission."

"It should be said that actually their mission is creating rift among the Islamic Ummah and the Muslims," Velayati said.

"Those who disrespect the nations and kill the innocent people brutally are not Muslims and they are the hirelings of the aliens and pave the way for the implementation of the US and Israeli plots in the Muslim states and do these actions to weaken the Muslims morale," he underscored.


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