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Speaker: US should be accountable for WikiLeaks Revelations
Speaker: US Should Account for WikiLeaks Leakages Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani blasted the US for the claims raised by the whistleblower site of WikiLeaks against different states, and asked Washington to account for the spying operations conducted by its hirelings in the other countries. "There are different ambiguities on the WikiLeaks site but the important fact is that the US should account for the release of the documents via the site," Larijani said in a press conference in Tehran .He also said the US should explain if it sends envoys and ambassadors to the other countries on diplomatic missions or in pursuit of other goals and hidden agendas. Larijani further stressed that the US diplomacy is based on espionage operations in other countries the results of which have been, to some extent, released on the WikiLeaks. Yet, Larijani cautioned that the contents of the site are actually a mixture of correct and incorrect issues which should be studied and discerned carefully. Iranian officials and politicians have warned of the so-called information released by the site and the hidden objectives behind the move. Tehran has stressed that the claims raised by the WikiLeaks are a psycho war and a pretext for staging inimical and aggressive acts by the US against other nations. Many world countries have rejected WikiLeaks revelations about their states, saying that the site makes such claims in pursuit of politically-driven objectives desired by certain parties. There are numerous ambiguities about the WikiLeaks and some analysts believe that the US deliberately publishes the reports in pursuit of suspicious goals.

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