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Speaker Raps EUs Anti-Iran Resolution as "Distressed Words"

TEHRAN,Apr. 06, 2014(FNA)- Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani blasted the Friday approval of an anti-Iran Human Rights resolution by the European Parliament, and described it as "distressed words".

"As a matter of fact, this resolution is nothing more than a political statement in terms of the method used for compiling the contents to show the European Parliaments symbolic position which has no executive power... and a type of distressed wording is seen in this composition-like text," Larijani said, addressing the Iranian legislators in an open session of the parliament on Sunday.

He said that the resolution welcomes expansion of ties with Iran, progress in talks between Tehran and the world powers and cooperation with Iran on Syria and fighting terrorism on one hand, and raises allegations against issues, including elections in Iran, human rights situation and womens rights, which are considered as meddling in the countrys internal affairs, on the other hand.

Larijani questioned the wisdom of the European legislators who show willingness to increase extended cooperation with Iran in nuclear, regional and technological fields while uttering such "cheap and baseless words". The resolution adopted by the European Parliament in its Friday meeting in Brussels has called for meetings between EU delegations and Iranian dissidents and opposition leaders and criticized the presidential elections in Iran.

The Europeans move has angered officials in Tehran as it has been adopted after the western states voiced their consent and pleasure in the betterment of ties with Iran following a breakthrough deal over Tehrans nuclear program. On Saturday, senior Iranian parliamentary officials disclosed that the legislature also plans to study a proposal for halting the nuclear talks with the six world powers in reaction to the EP Resolution.

Ranking member of the National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Mohammad Hassan Asafari told FNA this morning that a group of MPs plan to introduce the proposal at the floor of the parliament in its open session on Sunday. "This proposal will be presented to the government tomorrow as we expect the foreign ministry to show a serious reaction to the EP resolution," Asafari said.

The lawmaker cautioned that in case the proposal goes unheeded by the government, "the parliament members will introduce a relevant bill to require the government to take action in this regard". Yet, he expressed the hope that the government would act upon the parliament proposal to make further action by the legislature unnecessary. Earlier Saturday, Parliaments Vice-Speaker Mohammad Hassan Aboutorabi Fard said the EP resolution against Iran is ineffective and Iranians are resolved to continue the path of all-out progress despite such illogical moves by the West.


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