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Speaker Praises Nation’s Presence in Defense of Ashoura Sanctity
Ali Larijani who was addressing the citizens of Gonabad, Bidokht and Kahak cities, added, “The Iranian nation with their broad presence at this rally not only achieved a great accomplishment, but also gave a good lesson to the world nations.” Speaking for the region’s people at Friday prayers site of Gobanad, Larijani added, “The people throughout Iran felt responsible, because we are under conditions that the need for such a broad nationwide presence was deeply felt.” He added, “Words are spoken in our country whose appearance and their essence differ and the people should be praised for their good presence and their wise conduct.” Larijani said, “Over six months has passed since the presidential election and it was an opportunity for the people to regulate their country’s affairs.” The parliament speaker reiterated, “Every sector in Iran is regulated based on the people’s will and we are proud that the country’s entire affairs are devised in accordance with the nation’s moves.” He stressed, “We have remained faithful to democracy in Iran and we consider this factor as the savior (of our country and our nation) as it was the ideal of (the late) Imam (Khomeini – P) and the (Islamic) Revolution.” The Qom Constituency MP added, “In any election some people are favored by the people, while some others are not, but leading the matter into political clashes was not to the benefit of the country, and this was of course the appearance of the matter.” The Parliament Speaker argued, “The essence of the matter though was materialized in what happened in past few days, which put before us a test participation in which assisted us in our bid to strengthen the revolutionary spirit in the country, and we passed this test perfectly well.” Ali Larijani said, “Killing a human being is a sin whose true punishment is given to the criminal in the other world, and as the Glorious Quran mentions, he who kills an innocent individual deserves torment in hell.” He added, “If one kills an oppressed innocent individual the crime equals the massacre of the entire mankind (in accordance with the Holy Quran), and that is because by doing so he has created insecurity; killing an oppressed human being results in chaos.” Pointing out that the punishment for the intriguer of sedition is maximum (capital punishment), he said, “Sedition deprives the people of their faith, annihilates the religion, and inflicts damages against the people’s piety and identity.” He added, “In case of murder the entire organs, including the Judiciary Force are responsible, just as in the case of sedition in which not only the entire organs, but also the entire nation is responsible, because in the latter case the collective identity of the nation is at stake.” The Parliament Speaker said, “This is a matter of topmost importance and everyone is urged to rise for such a great cause, just like any other religious duty.”

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