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Senior Iranian MP Blasts Obama for Interfering in Iraqs Internal Affairs

TEHRAN, June 21, 2014 (FNA)- A senior Iranian legislator lashed out at US President Barack Obama for his meddling in Iraqs internal affairs by asking Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki to withdraw from the decision to retake his post in the future government.

"Iraq is ruled by democracy, parliamentary elections were recently held and the future government will be formed based on peoples choice, and therefore, no country or person is entitled to interfere in Iraqs internal affairs," member of the parliaments National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Kazzem Jalali told FNA on Saturday.

He said that the US, which is the nurturer and supporter of the terrorist groups that have created such a situation in Iraq, shrugs off its mistakes and is now projecting the blame on others. Jalali expressed regret that the US double-standard policy on terrorism has created criminal scenes in Syria and Iraq.

In relevant remarks on Wednesday, Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces General Hassan Firouzabadi blamed former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for having prepared the grounds for the presence of the terrorist Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) in the region by collecting cash from the regional countries, and said, "They prepared the grounds for Takfiris to gather naive Muslim youth with Jihadi motivations under the command of Baathists who had defected Iraqs army."

And these criminals (Takfiris), who do not have the power to fight in a war, have recruited the youth aged between 18 to 20 years, he added. "The ISIL is a move by Israel and the US to create a safe margin for the Zionists against the resistance forces in the region and their recent attempt was a reaction to the recent victories of President Bashar Al-Assad in Syria and the (Syrian) peoples massive turnout in that countrys presidential election as well as victories ... in Iraq," General Firouzabadi said.

Yet, he said the ISILs attack has backfired as its uncalculated and angry move has resulted in the unity of religious leaders in Iraq.


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