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Parliament Speaker message to IPU and APA
As you are well aware the Occupying regime of Israel simultaneous with its aggressive policies for construction of Jewish settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories exercised to impose a fait accompli has halted any practical solution to the critical situation in the Middle East. In perpetuation of its imposed antagonistic policies only three weeks after unilateral listing of two important recognized Islamic holy sites in Palestine, namely Haram Ibrahim Mosque and the Bilal Ibn Rabah Mosque in Bethlehem, as the Jewish historical monuments the Israeli regime resorted to certain new provocative measures by setting up a Jewish temple on the Islamic lands under endowment in Bait-ul-Moqaddas. The situation was exacerbated when the Israeli regime continued its illegal actions following widespread propagation aimed reconstructing the projects of the fabricated Solomon temple in this holy city. Moreover there is news that the Israeli regime intends, under a master plan, to Judaize hundreds of Islamic and Christian monuments in the old Qods in order to change the composition of this historical city into a city with Jewish identity. As it was expected persistent Israeli measures to change Islamic and Christian identity of Palestine in the face of meaningful silence of states and international bodies has naturally led to widespread popular protests throughout Palestinian territory and across the world of Islam. What should not be ignored is that the protest movement is still in its initial stage, but the highly important status of Qods as the leading symbol of identification of Palestinian nation and a common symbol of all Islamic nations and states has led to a situation that any failure to adopt immediate measures to force the occupying regime into compliance with the provisions of International law and legal norms and standards related to the responsibilities of the occupier, including illegality of any changes in the historical status of the lands under occupation in the coming days and months will cause a new crisis in the sensitive region of the Middle East. In view of the foregoing, the current crucial situation calls for the concerted efforts of all the Asian Sovereign States to confront the anti human actions of the Zionist regime. It is therefore, appropriate that the Troika of the Asian Parliamentary Assembly together with some other member parliaments hold an emergency meeting. Evidently the Asian Parliamentary Assembly can mobilize all its potentials in order to pave the grounds for bringing an immediate halt to the illegal actions of the Zionist regime aimed at judaization of Al-Qods and elimination of all the Islamic cultural and civilization monuments in the Palestinian territories.

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