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Parliament Speaker, Ali Larijani, condemns desecratin of the Holy Quran
Speaker of the Islamic Parliament of Iran sent a message to his counterparts, members of the Parliamentary Union of Islamic Countries ( PUIC ) on desecration of the sanctities of divine religons. Full text of the message reads as follows: "In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful Desecration of Muslim Holy Book by some extremists carried out under protection of US Police disclosed the true nature of the corrupt US ruling system ever than before. This sacrilegious move was so shocking that even alarmed all those highly incredulous people to believe in unethical and corrupt character of the US ruling leaders. It is widely recalled that in his remarks following 9/11 terrorist attacks, former US President, George Bush, explicitly declared this tragic event as the beginning of a Crusade. His remark was then ensued by widespread attacks on two Islamic countries, killing and displacing hundred thousands of Muslims. George Bush s successor appearing with recourse to tumultuous rhetoric of "Change" as a new disguise to win the election took office and started initially his tours of certain Islamic countries in pretentious show to prove solidarity with Muslims. There were, of course, a group of people who naïvely placed their confidence in the new system of government and its policies, ignoring the fact that President Obama was also educated by same system which brought to power other war-mongering US presidents. Today disgraceful defeat of US forces in Iraq and Afghanistan associated with numerous failures experienced by its government in the encounters against people of Iran, Lebanon, Palestine and Pakistan has driven the US rulers as the" axis of devil" to violence and insanity. Desecration of the Holy Koran constitutes an inhuman act of barbarity in this era of modernity. The indifferent position taken by the so-called defenders of freedom and democracy toward such insulting move deeply instigated sentiments of freedom-seeking people leading to aggravation of huge waves of hatred and resentment against the US. Evidently such a shocking and defamatory event has hurt religious and spiritual sentiments of hundreds of millions of Muslims and that of all the followers of divine religions worldwide, which can hardly be recovered. No doubt US rulers will face a hard blow if they decline to ponder insightfully. Such an insolent act is another clear proof to the US weakness and incapability of the heads of arrogant powers. They who, cannot tolerate any comment on Holocaust, regarding it as an offence on the premises of insult to the sentiments of a small group consisting of a couple of millions and set punishment on the researchers of this case. On the contrary they protect insult to and burning of the most sacred book of the world of humanity which is believed by over 1.5b Muslims. Regrettably they are not aware that: "The desire to put out the light of Allah with their mouths, but Allah will perfect His light, though the unbelievers may be averse,( The holy Koran-Surah (Saff, verse8)" The Western arrogant rulers are well aware that the world of Islam and vigilant Muslim Umma know those who are behind such crime and they cannot recourse to such excuses as freedom of expression in order to relieve themselves from the responsibility they have in the face of this shocking insult. Surly Muslim nations will not sit indifferent against desecration to their sanctities. Presidents and members of the parliaments of the world of Islam are expected to relentlesly show proper reaction to this unprecedented offence in order to give a lesson to all those ill-wishers, warning them that Muslims are powerful enough to defend themselves and their divine religion. I hereby express my condolence to the infallible twelve Imam( Allah hasten His reappearance), the eminent leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the religious jurisprudents, the humble people of Iran and all Muslims and freedom-lovers world over for this malicious and insolent act of desecration. At the same time I warn the US Administration to lift its support for such barbaric acts, otherwise it should wait to receive a-crushing blow from the world Muslims".

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