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PUIC Troika Meeting Voices Full Support for Palestinians Resistance

TEHRAN, Jly 24, 2014 (FNA)- The troika meeting of the Parliamentary Union of Islamic Cooperation (PUIC) in Tehran on Tuesday wrapped up work by issuing a statement which strongly condemned the Israeli massacre of the Gaza people, and stressed full support for the Palestinians resistance against the Zionist regime.

"We condemn the Zionist regimes state terrorism in different forms, including massacre, prosecution and arresting of the Palestinians, and announce our full support for the resistance of the Palestinian nation against the Zionist occupiers in different forms since resistance against the occupiers is the right of all nations under occupation," the statement said.

The statement also called on all Muslim states and their parliaments and governments to become united and support the Palestinian cause in any possible way. It described the Zionist regimes military aggression against Gaza as an objective evidence of genocide, oppression and atrocity, and asked for punishing the elements behind these "war crimes". "Unfortunately these crimes are being committed in light of the international circles silence and the US shameless supports," the statement added.

The PUIC troika meeting opened in the presence of seven parliament speakers from Iran, Mali, Sudan, Syria, Palestine, Qatar and Turkey as well as several parliamentary delegations from Kuwait, Lebanon, Pakistan and Oman here in Tehran on Tuesday and wrapped up work on the same day. The PUIC Troika consists of the previous, current, and future presidents of the PUIC Conference, which is currently presided by Iran.

Addressing the opening ceremony of the meeting, PUIC Secretary General Mahmoud Erol Kilic pointed to the massacre of the defenseless children and women in Gaza, and said, "Women and children are the main victims of these attacks and the Muslim Ummah should pay prime and main attention to the Palestinian cause as its main agenda."

He noted that 19 lawmakers and 7 parliament speakers were attending the meeting, showing the importance of the event. He urged the meeting to think of ways to put an immediate end to the massacre of the Gazans by the Israelis. Also, Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani appreciated the regional resistance groups for their achievements against the Zionist regime, saying resistance is now creating a new Middle-East.

"Today, it is the power of the resistance which is creating a new Middle-East and the US and its affiliates dont want to recognize this power and they attempt to hit a blow at this stream by accusing them of terrorism," Larijani said, addressing the Inter-Parliamentary Union troika meeting of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) in Tehran on Tuesday.

He said that the regional resistance groups, including Hezbollah, Hamas and Islamic Jihad have proved their efficiency in resistance against the Zionist regime, and added, "This resistance is like a medal on the chest of the Muslims; reconciliation plans will not produce any result."

He called on the OIC Inter-Parliamentary Union to use its power to support the Palestinian people and asked the Egyptian government to open the Rafah border crossing for the passage of humanitarian and medical aids to the Gaza people.

Israel has been pounding the blockaded Gaza for 16 consecutive days, killing at least 670 people and injuring more than 3,700 others.


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