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Outcome of the so-called peace talks worse than Annapolis negotiations
Iranian Parliament Speaker, Ali Larijani shunned the US-sponsored talks between Israel and the Palestine on September 2 in Washington, saying the Muslim world will not be tricked by the US diplomatic maneuverings. The United States should understand that the so-called peace talks are doomed to failure, with an outcome even worse than the Annapolis negotiations, Larijani said on Monday. “The Muslim nations will not be tricked by these puerile diplomatic maneuverings,” he added. The parliament speaker dismissed the recent “empty promises” to assert the Palestinians’ rights as a propaganda campaign in the run-up to the mid-term Congressional elections in the U.S. President Obama should be ashamed that despite the blockade of the Gaza Strip, the construction of illegal settlements, and attempts for mass deportation of Palestinians from the West Bank, he sees himself in a position of a peacemaker, he said.

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