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Message of Parliament Speaker to his counterparts on desecration of Holy Quran
Speaker of the Islamic Parliament of Iran, Ali Larijani, sent a message to his counterparts across the world on the recent attempts to desecrate the Holy Quran. Full text of the message reads as follows: In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful Therefore, give good news to My servants, those who listen to the word, then follow the best of it (Holy Quran, Zumar-Verses 17-18) "The storming sparks of news and events unfolded during the past few weeks indicate that once again certain adventurous groups influenced by narrow-minded attitudes toward Christianity have resolved on reviving the sad history of conflicts among religions through incitement of feelings and sentiments within western communities. Therefore, they found the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 as a pretext to insult the Holy Koran (the Muslim Divine Scripture); a move which served to further unveil to Muslims the real nature of American policies in cultural arena. Hardly may any one believe in propaganda ploy waged by US officials alleging to be discontent of this situation, while in contrast it is for years that they have extensively ignored the rights of humankind for trivial security threats. Should, such humiliating treatments, as alluded by the former US President, be hinted as a redefinition of the Crusades of a different nature worldwide? In fact who should bear the burden of such irresponsible projects? History of mankind is impregnated with series of tragic social crisis that is deeply rooted in medieval discords; the lingering repetition of which has constantly preoccupied our predecessors with the grips of an unending painful nightmare. As a result, this highly critical juncture prompts us to insightfully recognize our hectic responsibility which binds us to strengthen our resolve in the light of concerted efforts aimed at preparing a universal charter fully mandated to address such horrifying measures. History witnesses that Christianity, misguided under the inculcations of John of Damascus was entangled in the wrong attitudes toward Islam for long years; the attitudes that adversely fomented long-lasting fissures rather than understanding among religions. Ultimately, unceasing efforts undertaken by some prominent thinkers and scholars in Western countries to better introduce the history and ideas of Islam bore fruit only centuries after widespread misinterpretation that had been introduced by John of Damascus. Consequently having realized the unfair and improper reading of Islam, western community largely strived to recover the adverse consequential effects of such misconception by spreading forums on Islamic studies and enhancement of social intercourse. Nowadays some extremist individuals make every effort, in the light of their inciting anti-Islamic remarks and actions to deepen fissures by creating new challenges just like publication of "Satanic Verses", "Blasphemous Caricatures" released by Danish Press, movies such as "Sedition" and "Surrender" and the recent act of insulting to the Holy Book of Muslims. Under such circumstances when our world is seriously gripped with such painful calamities as drug trafficking, environmental threats, poverty, political imbalances, big powers overt interference, occupation and state terrorism by the criminal regime of Israel, threats posed by expansion of nuclear arsenals ,etc there are certain groups in the west who concoct plans to fuel sectarian and even religious discords by resorting to systematically disgraceful measures intended to insult sanctities of Divine religions. Represented by the Islamic Parliament of Iran, I hope, in the light of our concerted efforts and consultations, we can come into concurrence with the need for preparation of a universal charter requiring a halt to any cases of insult to the sanctities of Divine religions for inclusion in the agenda of Inter-Parliamentary Union Assembly . Should we receive Your Excellencys viewpoints in the coming future; we would be able to concentrate our efforts to develop a mechanism for preparation of such document as well".

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