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Larijani sends New Year Messages to His Counterparts
Parliament Speaker sent message of congratulation to his counterparts on the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ and the New Christian Year. The message partly reads as follows: At the turn of the New Year, I would like to sincerely congratulate Your Excellency and all your colleagues in your Parliament on the auspicious birthday anniversary of Jesus Christ; the messenger of monotheist, the Word of God, and the advent of the new Gregorian Year. Just like all other divine prophets, Jesus Christ, son of Mary, the harbinger of blessings and affections, and an advocate of human dignity came to eliminate all traces of frustration, sadness and despair rooted in the heart of humanity in response to the unquenchable thirst for righteousness and to relieve the human sufferings. His infuriating steadfastness against cruelty, discrimination, injustice and inequalities intertwined with his resounding message of dedication to peace, brotherhood, monotheism, justice-seeking and combat against tyranny have now turned to be the dire need of humanity in the world today after long centuries. What a gorgeous day it was when he was born and still more splendid occasion it would be the day when he will return to us in company with the One promised to different Umma on the earth. I hope that in the New Year we witness a world full of friendship, justice, sincerity and brotherhood in light of the myriad commonalities and deeper ties that have bound the divine religions.

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