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Larijani: US Congress support for Zionist regime crimes shameful

Sari, July 31, 2014 IRNA - Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani said on Thursday that the support of the US Congress for atrocities and crimes of Zionist forces in Gaza is very shameful.

The US statesmen claim to be advocates of campaign against international terrorism but they practically and openly support Daesh Takfiri terrorist group in the Middle East region. Speaking at the seminar to mark the memories of commanders and 88 martyrs of Dolarestagh district of Amol city, he said Iraqˈs chaotic conditions stem from malpractices of Daesh terrorist group in the country who are bent on massacring Muslims instead of forging unity with other Muslims.

Unfortunately, Daesh terrorists are happy with massacre of Iraqi children and youths, he said. Warning the US officials and their allies in the region, he said ˈSince you claim to be fighting terrorist groups, why have you failed to prevent Daesh terrorists from committing crimes and genocide?ˈ

It is for many years that the so-called advocates of anti-terrorism campaign and certain Arab states have supported formation of such groups in the Middle East region, he said. The trace of US crimes and its allies in Iraq prove that they backed Daesh terrorists in order to confront Shia and Sunni Muslims, he said. "Unfortunately, the US Congress has openly declared its support for such terrorist groups in the region by supplying them with arms and ammunition,ˈ he said.

Lauding the brave resistance of Palestinian people in Gaza, Larijani said the Zionist regime suffered humiliating defeats in the face of Hizbullah and Hamas recently and by grace of God , Hamas will attain another historical victory in this unequal war in Gaza through its resistance.


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