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Iranian Parliament Rejects EPs Second Invitation

TEHRAN, Apr. 12, 2014, (FNA)- The Iranian legislature rejected the European Parliaments renewed invitation for a visit to Europe due to the EPs recent resolution against the human rights situation in Iran.

Chairman of the Iranian parliaments delegation for relations with Europe Kazzem Jalali rejected the invitation of the European parliament in a Friday evening phone talk with the Chairwoman of the European Parliaments delegation for relations with Iran, Tarja Cronberg. During the phone conversation, Jalali appreciated Cronberg for her efforts to improve the relations between Iran and the European states, and said, "The Iranian parliaments delegation for relations with Europe was readying to visit Europe to improve and expand the bilateral relations when it was suddenly faced with the European parliaments approval of an unexpected and one-sided resolution." "The resolution was bluntly-worded and its content was outside the limits and frameworks of the bilateral relations," he added.

Jalali referred to the conditions of the relations between Iran and Europe in recent months, and said, "We imagined that the European parliament has realized the new conditions in Iran and would take steps to expand the bilateral ties based on this understanding." The resolution adopted by the EP in its last Friday meeting in Brussels has called for meetings between EU delegations and Iranian dissidents and opposition leaders and criticized the presidential elections in Iran.

The Europeans move has angered officials in Tehran as it has been adopted after the western states voiced their consent and pleasure in the betterment of ties with Iran following a breakthrough deal over Tehrans nuclear program. On Sunday, the Iranian Foreign Ministry summoned Greek Ambassador to Tehran Nikolas Garilidis and conveyed Tehrans official protest to him whose country holds European Union (EU) presidency.

Speaking at a meeting with Garilidis, the director-general of West Europe affairs at the Iranian Foreign Ministry dismissed as "unacceptable and unrealistic" the European Parliaments resolution which accuses Iran of human rights violations. "Such injudicious measures and positions run counter to the common interests of the European Union and the Islamic Republic of Iran," the Iranian official said.

On Monday, Iranian lawmakers worked out an eight-paragraph plan which includes several retaliatory measures against the recent Human Rights resolution of the European Parliament against Iran. In their plan of action, the lawmakers have called on the government of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani to take tit-for-tat measures against each and every European country which has signed the resolution.

The bill requires the government to reconsider its political and economic relations with those European countries that have voted for the EP resolution as long as they have not taken back their votes. No European official and delegation can meet any Iranian real and legal entity without Irans prior consent and legal permission.

The government will also be bound to reconsider its combat against the transit of narcotics via Iran given the heavy costs and sacrifice of human lives that such a combat incurs on Iran and taking into account the Europeans hostile stance displayed in their recent resolution against Tehran. The bill further reminds Irans experience about the former US Embassy (spy den) in Tehran, and necessitates the government to turn down demands by the European Parliament or western human rights organizations for opening an office in Iran. The bill also underlines that the government will be duty-bound to reconsider its cooperation with the UN Human Rights Commission for as long as the Western countries ignore human and Islamic culture and rights and adopt a double-standard policy in this regard. It also requires the government to treat the officials and nationals of the European countries in the very same manner that they treat Iranian nationals upon their arrival and departure from their countries.


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