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Guardian Council Official Views Veto Right as Obstacle to Establishment of Peace

TEHRAN, Sep. 22, 2013, (FNA)- A senior official at Irans Guardian Council lashed out at certain states for using their veto right as an instrument to impose their will on the other states, and said this has prevented establishment of peace in the world.
"The description of peace in certain documents underlines the necessity for governments respect for the principle of equality... (but) certain governments enjoy special advantages, including the veto right," Guardian Councils Executive Manager Abbas Ali Kadkhodayee said, addressing a forum in Tehran on Saturday.

He described the veto right as an obstacle to the establishment of real peace in the world, and said "it has made the international bodies unable to extend effective help and assistance to the materialization of peace".

In recent years, discussions have begun regarding the suitability of the veto power, bringing about arguments that the veto-wielding power of the five permanent UN Security Council members slows down and even prevents important decisions on international peace and security.

Among the five veto-wielding powers, the US has frequently enjoyed the veto, blocking over 40 anti-Israeli resolutions sought by the Security Council since 1972.

The Iranian officials have on many occasions called for the abolition of the veto-wielding right currently in the hands of the five major power at the United Nations Security Council.

In May 2011, Irans Prosecutor General Gholam Hossein Mohseni Ejei criticized the "unfair law" based on which some countries have veto-wielding powers in international organizations.

Those countries use their veto right when they perceive their interests are in danger, he added.



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