Ghorbani, Ali


Last Name: Ghorbani


Date and Place of birth: 1972, Maneh-Samalqan,

Constituency: Bojnord, Maneh, Samalqan, Karme, Jajarm, Raz, Jarkan

Province: North Khorasan

Education: Ph.D. in Geography and Rural Planning

Committee: Plan and Budget and Audit Committee

Friendship Groups: Czech, Slovakia, Poland, Burkina Faso, Niger

Votes: 99219

Percentage: 38/07

Total Votes: 260555

Career backgrounds:Director General for Rural and Council Affairs of North Khorassan Governorship

Term:10th Term

Agriculture, Water and Natural Resources Committee
India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Netherlands, Moldova
Nehbandan, Sarbisheh
South Khorasan
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