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Larijani says Zionist regime formed based on violating int’l humanitarian regulations

Tehran, Oct 4, 2019 (ICANA) – President of the Islamic Parliament of Iran Ali Larijani in a message to the 3rd conference for solidarity with Palestinian children and youths said the Zionist regime of Israel has been based upon breaching international humanitarian regulations and is still continuing to do so.

Expressing congratulations on the anniversary of Muhammad al-Durrah martyrdom, Larijani said Palestine issue is the sad story in today’s world.

A world in which a land is occupied and its people are expelled but the occupier is supported, he said.

A world in which a nation is exposed to the most serious aggressions and violence but the aggressor is supported, he added.

A world in which people are being slaughtered on the pretext of resistance but the slaughterer is supported, Larijani noted.

Elsewhere in his remarks, he referred to martyrdom of some Palestinian kids like Mohammed Abu Khdeir and Muhammad al-Durrah, saying the murderer is supported then.

One of these contrasts is giving Palestinians’ land to Europe’s Jews which was expressed in Balfour Declaration, he said.

Another contradiction is the extreme discrimination against Palestinians by the Zionist occupiers, which is rooted in the claim of "God's choice" and which is realized by ratifying the law of ethnicity in the Knesset of Israel.

Thanks to the supports of the global powers like US and UK of the Israeli regime and also due to the passivity of international community against Palestinians, the Zionist regime consider itself free of any responsibility and imposes its organized violence against Palestinian people, Larijani reiterated.

Measures which are against UN Charter, Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Geneva conventions and the international conventions on children’s rights as well, he said adding that the Geneva conventions consider them as war crime and crime against humanity.

With regard to the volume of Zionists’ organized violence against Palestinians, international community must quit this passivity, he stressed.

Undoubtedly, public opinion can increase the costs of Israel's violence by expanding demands in this area and making it more difficult for its inhumane behavior to continue, the statement reads.

Referring to the importance of holding the conference for solidarity with Palestinian children and youths, Larijani said it is regarded as a measure for pulling the public opinion out of passivity and for drawing the attention of the societies to the widespread cruelty in Palestine.

Urging all Muslims to stand against the root cause of these crises and wars, which is the Zionist occupiers, for preserving peace and stability in the Islamic World, Larijani said the message of the Resistance and Palestinian martyrs to US and Zionists is that their unilateral acts in the Occupied Territories and also US President Donald Trump’s Deal of Century will bring about no change in Palestine geography.  



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