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Larijani: Some countries mind to promote Iranophobia

Tehran, Feb. 22,2017(IRNA) – Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani said on Wednesday that some countries seek to promote Iranophobia in the region and have injected the idea to some of the countries in the Persian Gulf region while Iran has proven otherwise.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has always proven that it supports the Persian Gulf littoral states and never compromised with their enemies, Larijani said. 

Larijani made the remarks in a meeting with Jordanian Parliament Speaker Atef Tarawneh on the sideline of the sixth conference in Support of the Palestinian Intifadah (uprising).

Iran calls for restoration of tranquility and security in the region and hopes other countries to adopt the same policies and avoid being affected by the countries that their goals are crystal clear to all, he said. 

Referring to Palestine, he said Intifada is a very important issue mainly under the present circumstances where the Zionists have claimed to back terrorism, Larijani said. 

In Iraq we helped them to push back terrorists and hope other countries to pave the same path and help prevent advancement and infiltration of terrorists.

Jordanian parliament speaker, for his part, described the conference as a suitable opportunity for re-declaration of adopting a unified stance by the righteous front and Palestine.

Despite various issues, Jordan has put the issue of Palestine on its agenda, he said. 

“Current problems we are now facing in the region are rooted in the efforts of the Zionist regime,' the Jordanian parliament speaker said.

“We require collective contribution of the countries in the region and the neighboring countries in dealing with the crisis,” he added. 

The Jordanian parliament speaker reiterated that the Islamic countries have common stances in defending Islam and confronting the enemies. 

Thanking the positive role of Iran in regional developments, he said Iran played significant role in Iraq and it is expected to be quite successful in Syria as well.

“I have brought a message on behalf of our king to invite for the contribution to resolve regional problems and hope in the fight against terrorism to powerfully defend Islam, Muslims and unfounded allegations made against them,” the Jordanian parliament speaker said.


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