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Iranian Speaker Stresses Necessity for Resolving Security, Terrorism Problems in Iraq

TEHRAN, Feb. 08, 2017 (FNA)- Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani underscored the need for prioritizing settlement of security issues and terrorism-related problems in Iraq.

"Certainly, in the current conditions, solving the security and terrorism problems in Iraq is important since the country is an important pivot in the region and certainly, resolving the Iraqi issue will lead to balance in the region," Larijani said in a meeting with former Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister Adil Abdulmahdi in Tehran on Wednesday.

Noting that fight against terrorism is important for the region, specially Iraq, he said, "Campaign against terrorism has many deep aspects and complications and certainly defeating the terrorist groups, specially the ISIL, needs extensive regional efforts and cooperation."

Larijani also blasted certain regional Arab states for their performance in the region, and said, "Unfortunately, certain countries create hypothetical enemies for the region instead of (strengthening) synergy (among the regional countries)."

His remarks came as Iraqi Vice-President Nouri al-Maliki lauded Iran as the main supporter of the Iraqi nation and government in their ongoing fight against the ISIL terrorist group.

"Iran was the main country which helped Iraq stand up to the ISIL and other Takfiri terrorist groups." al-Maliki told reporters in Tehran last month.

He reiterated that although some countries declared their readiness to help Iraq in the fight against terrorism, it was mainly Iran, which practically helped Iraq in this field.

"The Iraqi armed forces did not have sufficient weapons and ammunition against the ISIL, but Iran equipped the Iraqi army as an important assistance to Iraq which led to overcome the ISIL," al-Maliki added.


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