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Asian Inter-Parliamentary Assembly Political Committee meeting

Tehran,Mar. 15,2017 (ICANA)-  according to the Khane Mellat news agency, the political committee of the Asian Inter-Parliamentary Assembly started its second meeting with the presence of Mrs. Fatima Zulkadr and Hagar  Chanarany.

Ms. Fatemeh Zulkadir's speech follows below:

At the outset, I would like to extend contentment over my presence among colleagues from the parliaments of Asian countries. I also extend my gratitude to the people and Senate of Pakistan due to their warm hospitality and hosting this event.

Moreover, I deem it necessary to thank Mr. Rabbani the honorable speaker of the Pakistan House of Senate for chairing the Standing Committee of Political Affairs and organizing this forum. I would also like to take the opportunity and thank Mr. Mohammad-Reza Majidi the secretary general of Asia Parliamentary Forum for the advancement of the objectives of forum and wish him success in all his duties.


Mr. Chairman, Honorable Colleagues

Ladies and Gentlemen

As you all know, over the past few years, violent extremism with its origin in dangerous ideologies has targeted not only the Middle East but also other parts of the world including Europe, Asia and America with terrorist attacks. Today, this phenomenon has turned into the most important threat against international peace and security because of its terrifying trans-regional dimensions. This situation has led to killing and injuring thousands of innocent individuals including women and children and displacement of millions of people in Syria, Iraq and Yemen.  Therefore, confronting this situation requires contribution, consultation and interaction among all regional states and international players. Such actions should include decisive measures to stop funding extremist.

Islamic Republic of Iran is of the opinion that to confront and root out terrorism, one should study its origin. Terrorism rises out of poverty, unemployment, discrimination, belittlement and injustice. Its growth is accompanied by violence. To root out terrorism, justice should be widely administered, violence should be avoided and distorting divine religions to justify cruelty and brutality should be prevented. Unfortunately, some states and radical groups, through their particular and incorrect inferences, put forward their own definition of Islam which is blatantly in contrast with the true Islam. Here, I deem it necessary to underline that the violent actions of terrorist groups like Al-Qaeda and ISIL have nothing to do with the holy teachings of Islam, and such actions are in breach of the teachings of divine religion of Islam. We are of the opinion that fighting terrorism should entirely correspond the UN Charter, International Law, International Human and Humanitarian Law. In fighting terrorism, using foreign forces without the satisfaction of the concerned state is blatant violation of the sovereignty and territorial integrity which in turn endangers the rule of law at international level.


Mr. Chairman

The Islamic Republic of Iran in line with its principled stance of condemning any declaration or laying down unilateral measures against other states which is inconsistent with the UN Charter and International Law, dismisses the decision made by the government of the United Sates on February 3, 2017 on imposing sanctions on Iranian Nationals and Institutions. As stated repeatedly by top Iranian officials, the recent act approved in the House of Representatives and Senate of the United States to extend sanctions on Iran, is against the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) and US commitments in international law which should be based on not interfering in the internal affairs of other states.

 Islamic Republic of Iran is of the opinion that based on the preliminary principles of international law, the government of the United States is held accountable for implementing the international commitments of this country. Therefore, the internal political developments of the United States and the relation between the legislative and executive powers of this country cannot justify their laxity or abstention from implementing the international commitment.

In conclusion, I hope this forum, through consultation and exchange of views among participant, would be able to put forward practical solutions in order to overcome the existing challenges in Asia and put promising and new horizons before the international community.


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