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Islamic Parliament of Iran

Islamic Parliament of IRAN

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Special Committees of Islamic Parliament of Iran

This set of committees deals with special issues and consists of six committees. Article 42 of the Rules of Procedure of the Islamic Parliament classifies them as follows:

1. Ad Hoc Committee

2. Article 90 Committee

3. Committee on Formulation of the Rules of Procedure

4. Common Committee

5. Joint Committee

6. Inquiry Committee


1. Article 90 Committee:

This Committee is established to enforce Article 90 of the Constitution as far as it is concerned with the Islamic Parliament. Article 90 of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran stipulates: "Whoever has a complaint concerning the work of the Assembly or the executive power or the judicial power can forward his complaint in writing to the Assembly.  The Assembly must investigate his complaint and give a satisfactory reply.  In cases where the complaint relates to the executive or the judiciary, the Assembly must demand proper investigation in the matter and an adequate explanation from them, and announce the results within a reasonable time.  In cases where the subject of the complaint is of public interest, the reply must be made public."


Abtahi, seyed Mohammad Javad

Ardishir Larijani, Ali

Eftekhari, Mohammad Mahdi

Amirhassan Khani, Mohammad Reza

Bahmani, Mahmoud

Parsaei, Bahram

Tajari, Farhad

Torki, Akbar

Hazrat pour talatapeh, Rouhollah

Dadashi, Vali

Zolnouri, Mojtaba

Rezaei kouchi, Mohammad Reza

Saeedi, Mohammad Ismaeil

Shiran Khorasani, Reza

Mohammadi, Davoud

Moradi, Ali Mohammad

Mansouri, Mohammad Reza

Mirzaei Nikou, Ghasem

Naseri Nejad, Majid

youssefiyan Molla, Ezatollah


2. Committee on Formulation of the Rules of Procedure:

This Committee is established to draft or amend the Rules of Procedure of the Islamic Parliament.


Akbari, Ali

Baouj Lahouti, Mehrdad

Papi zadeh balangan, Abbas

Pour Ibrahimi Davarani, Mohammad Reza

Jafarzadeh Iman Abadi, Gholamali

Hassanpour Biglari, Shahbaz

Rahimi, ALireza

Shiran Khorasani, Reza

Azizi, Mohammad

Kateb, Gholamreza

Kouhkan rizi, Mohsen

Mofateh, Mohammad mahdi

Vakili, Mohammad Ali

Youssefnajad, Ali Asghar

youssefiyan Molla, Ezatollah

3. Ad Hoc Committee:

When something important or exceptional happens in the country, Parliament will set up an Ad Hoc committee to deal with that issue and submit a report. This Committee needs to be proposed by at least 15 MPs and win approval in an open session.

4. Common Committee:

In cases when a bill or motion is submitted to Parliament and whose review is decided by the Presiding Board to be assigned to a group of committees, a Common Committee will be set up to study the bill or motion in question.

5. Inquiry Committee:

This Committee is set up to verify the credentials that fail to be endorsed by constituencies or objected to by MPs.

6. Joint Committee:

This Committee is established to regulate principles and provisions of development plans and national budget bill, coordinate affairs between parliamentary committees in the Islamic Parliament after a relevant motion is submitted by government to Parliament.

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